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Model 4099 NiMH Config Tool

max out • 90-264 VAC input


The CBC Toolkit is ideal for optimizing battery performance for a wide range of applications.

There are 37 parameter settings and 9 additional enable/disable functions available.


The CBC module offers a range of custom charge parameter settings, including: 

dV, dT/dt, 0 dV, Timer, Safety timer, dV threshold, temperature gradient adjustment. 

The CBC is also configurable in field.


Software, instructional videos and other config tool documents are available for downloading on our website here


Key configuration / charge detection variables:

• - dV levels in mV (minimum detection level approx. 1mV/cell)

• dT/dt detection level °C/minute

• NTC parameters (nominal value and β-value)

• Temperature limits (Hot, cold, charge pause ++)

• Charge currents

• Timers: dV mask timer to prevent premature -dV detection, 

Soft start timer, Top-off timer, Trickle timer and safety timer 


EoC methods and functions (enable/disable):

• -dV

• dT/dt

• No EoC - Constant current Charger

• NTC mandatory. This will stop the charge cycle if NTC

is missing or not working properly

• Read and/or write protected configuration


The CBC system is easy to set-up and connect

1. Select Mascot standard to configure

2. Connect the charger and set-up the communication

3. Make the custom configurations

4. Send the new parameter(s) to the charger


Included in the toolbox:

• Mascot CBC module (hardware interface) 

• 3546 NiMH CBC Battery Charger

• 3743 NiMH CBC Battery Charger 

• USB Cable for connecting to a PC

• Mascot Configuration Software

• Printed user guide and videos with user instructions


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All Mascot NiMH battery chargers marked with the CBC symbol may be configured through the output cable using a toolkit consisting of a CBC module, a USB cable and Mascot config software for PC.

It’s possible to read the current configuration from the charger.

Ordering information:

For the CBC toolkit, use part no. 4099000040

For additional modules, use part no. 4099000000 

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