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Available versions

3-6 cells / 3,5A
4-8 cells / 2,8A
5-10 cells / 2,2A
6-12 cells / 1,8A
10-20 cells / 1,2A
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Model 2015 NiMH

45 W max out • 230 VAC input

  • AC/DC Switch mode fast charger
  • 120 VAC model available
  • Computer Programmable Microprocessor (CPM)

CPM offers the following charge detection options (one or more):
dV, dT/dt, 0 dV, Timer, Safety timer, dV threshold,
Temperature gradient adjustment

Link to CPM spec sheet

  • Custom specifications on request:

Charging parameters, connectors, cords, logo print, housing/open frame/IP rating and certificates. For more information: custom design info sheet


Plug-in unit

Exchangeable DC plugs available

Technical specifications


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