Mascot - a Scandinavian Pioneer in Electronics

Founded in 1938, Mascot is a Norwegian electronics company with a rich history in the field. Since our inception, our primary focus has been on meeting customer demands, constantly improving product quality, and developing innovative solutions.

In 1953, we achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Norwegian manufacturer to introduce car radios to the local market. Our radios gained widespread popularity during the 1950s due to their exceptional reception, not only in Norway but also in mountainous regions across Europe, the Near East, and the Middle East. Recognizing the growing demand, we expanded our reach by establishing a manufacturing joint venture in Turkey during the early 1960s.

Market Adaptability

Our journey extends beyond radio manufacturing and overseas ventures. As the radio industry grew increasingly competitive in the 1960s, Mascot leveraged its expertise in development and manufacturing to explore new markets. This led us to an exciting venture in telephone answering machines. For over 35 years, we proudly manufactured these machines under the Ekkofon brand, a name synonymous with answering machines for many businesses.

From radios to power supplies

 In the 1970s, we further diversified our operations by importing stereo and video equipment from the Far East. These products, sold under both the Mascot and Silver brand names, remained a part of our portfolio until 1989.

Our power supply business emerged out of the necessity for battery eliminators for radios. This innovative product line made its debut in 1964 and has continued to evolve, reflecting changes in customer needs and advancements in technology.

Mascot today

Today, Mascot stands as a leading manufacturer in the power supply and battery charger industry. Our headquarters are situated in Fredrikstad, Norway, with production taking place in our facilities in Tallinn, Estonia, and Ningbo, China. This flexibility enables us to meet your requirements for top-quality products at competitive prices and with efficient lead times.

Product line

We offer a diverse range of power supplies, available in desktop or wall plug styles, including AC/AC, AC/DC, DC/DC Converters, and DC/AC Inverters. Additionally, our product line includes battery chargers designed for Li-Ion, NiMH, and Lead Acid batteries.

Custom design

In addition to our standard product range, we have substantial experience in developing and manufacturing power supplies customized to your specifications. 

These designs can vary from minor modifications of existing models to entirely new, encapsulated or open frame models.

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